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Making a Network of Relations Visible: Where are the margins of the local? What are the ethics of data/representation? — Aug 06, 2021 (Events)

Virtual Participation

An online conversation with Deanna Fong, Ryan Rice, Constance Crompton, and Tomasz Neugebauer as part of the speaker series Desire Lines presented by the Art Gallery of York University (AGYU) in coordination with Artexte and SpokenWeb Curated by Felicity Tayler and Michael Maranda, with assistance from Faith Paré Friday, August 6, 2021 @ 2 – […]

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Access to Print: Desire Lines — Apr 30, 2021 (Events)

Virtual Participation

This network shows us how the absences, or received lack, in one publishing project generates desire for new ones. These panelists will share their personal memories of scenes and magazines as sites of discursive community, reflecting on how one magazine can emerge as a response to another.

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Listening for Hope in the Sound Archive — Apr 21, 2021 (Events)

Virtual Participation - RSVP for Zoom Link

In this listening practice, guide-hosts Jason Camlot and Katherine McLeod take up the call of SpokenWeb organizational partner Blue Metropolis to conduct an event that explores the theme of hope in relation to the archival pursuits of our research network.  To this end, we invite past guides of SpokenWeb listening practices, and all members of the SpokenWeb network, to select a short (30 second max) sound clip from their archival or other research interests that sounds an idea or feeling of hope, for us to listen to and discuss together.

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Desire Lines: Setting A Tone — Mar 26, 2021 (Events)

Virtual Participation - Art Gallery of York University - RSVP Link Below

Intergenerational mentoring is a central experience of cultural transmission; within publishing networks we can sense a print-based trace of Black feminist sensations of belonging. Magazines of the 1980s, such as Fireweed and Tiger Lily, offer a view into activist spaces where gaining access to print was a means to rewrite the terms of racialization and socioeconomic oppression. This panel will conjure personal memories around institutions such as Sister Vision Press and Fresh Arts as crucibles for cultural production in Toronto.

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Web Developer (Front End) – 1 RA Position (Post)


We are looking for candidates with knowledge of front end development tools and methodologies including basic knowledge JavaScript frameworks and familiarity with Git. In the project we may choose to work with tools such as Vue.js, React or Angular. Knowledge of any of the following technologies would be considered an asset: NodeJS, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, PHP, MySQL, RESTful API, and JSON. The work will be well suited for someone who works well alone, but who is also invested in working with a diverse cohort of academics, librarians, web developers, designers, artists, other students, and community stakeholders.  Strong communication skills are an asset for this role.

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