About Us

SpokenWeb is open to the development of new research collaborations and partnerships. There are many ways to explore the SpokenWeb research program and to consider how your own work might fit into our program. You might start by reviewing the research questions and goals of our Task Forces to determine where your own expertise best aligns with our many activities.

You can peruse the SpokenWeb audio collections that are under development and think of new and interesting ways to study, historicize or develop one of the collections.

Perhaps you have a collection of literary sound recordings of your own – a box of tapes of a reading series, or a bunch of reels of literary conversations that took place sometime in the past and you’d like to know what to do with such artifacts? SpokenWeb has the mandate to locate and help develop community collections that may have been hidden for decades. Contact us and we can discuss the possibility of bringing your hidden collection into our program.

You can also apply for a position to become a part of the SpokenWeb team or submit a proposal to one of our regular calls for works of archival sound art. SpokenWeb institutional partners are regularly recruiting new students for their graduate programs and may have research assistantships to offer incoming students. We seek post doctoral researchers in specific areas on an annual basis. And we are always interested to know about experts and artists who might be interested in contributing to an aspect of our research program. Some of these opportunities can be found by browsing the current job and project postings below.

You can attend one of our many events or workshops, or simply follow our regularly posted stories about our research activities so you can learn more about what we’re doing.

For more information, or to work with the SpokenWeb partnership on a communications initiative or media story, please contact: jason.camlot@concordia.ca

Current Opportunities

There are no current opportunities at the moment. View past opportunities here.