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Open Assembly and the Collective: Digital Humanities after the Collapse of the Humanities – A Talk by Dino Franco Felluga — Mar 28, 2024 (Events)

Montreal, QC - Concordia University - LB 322, J.W. McConnell Library Multifunction Room

Given the ways that universities and government agencies have increasingly limited the amount of money available for humanities projects, this talk asks, “how can we build sustainable resources at a time of collapse?” Rather than bemoan the current situation, the talk proposes that we need to rethink how we fund and maintain the work that we do.

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EPL on The Edge Speaker Series – The SpokenWeb Project: Archiving Literary Sound — Mar 26, 2024 (Events)

Online - University of Alberta / Edmonton Public Library - Zoom Registration Below

Three members of SpokenWeb UAlberta’s research team will be speaking about their work on Tuesday, March 26 from 7-8:30 PM via Zoom as part of the EPL on The Edge Speaker Series.

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Outsider Affects and Ordinary Care: Radical Love as Shelter — A Talk by Erin Wunker (Dalhousie) — Feb 22, 2024 (Events)

Montreal, QC - Concordia University - LB 322, J.W. McConnell Library Multifunction Room

I want to ask: what is the right amount of distance between a person and shelter when that person is a mother and that shelter is the house and child she herself built? Claudia Dey’s novel Heartbreaker will be the text of focus for this inquiry.

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Tuning In & Talking about Scholarly Podcasting, with Katherine McLeod and Linda M. Morra — Oct 27, 2023 (Events)

Montreal, QC - Concordia University - SpokenWeb AmpLab, LB 671-05

On Friday Oct 27, join us to tune-in together to an online session about on scholarly podcasting as part of the Humanities Podcast Network Symposium , followed by a conversation led by Dr. Katherine McLeod (The SpokenWeb Podcast) and Dr. Linda M. Morra (Getting Lit with Linda: The Canadian Literature Podcast). 

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The Universals and Particulars of Minimal Computing (Hybrid Event) — Oct 28, 2022 (Events)

Edmonton - University of Alberta - U of A Digital Scholarship Centre Rm 2-20A (Visualization Lab) / Virtual

Alex Gil will walk-through minimal computing as a critical practice, which invites us to reflect on the “inherent tension between universals and particulars, the global and the local, choice and necessity.”

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