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How to Make Lathe Cut Records w/ Angus Tarnawsky — Dec 13, 2023 (Events)

Montreal, QC - Concordia University - SpokenWeb AmpLab, LB 671-05

This hands-on workshop will outline the basics of record production. The session will be led by Angus Tarnawsky, a SpokenWeb research assistant involved with DIY record manufacturing for over a decade. During the workshop, you will learn how to make a specific style of disc with polycarbonate plastic, colloquially known as a ‘lathe cut record.’

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Teaching and Studying SpokenWeb Audio: User-Friendly Digital Tools for Slow and Distant Listening — Mar 21, 2023 (Events)

Virtual Participation - RSVP Link Below

This workshop with Dr. Marit MacArthur and Augusta Funk (UC Davis) will offer a brief introduction to two user-friendly slow and distant listening tools. Drift helps users visualize and quantify sound patterns in recorded speech, while Voxit helps users quantitatively analyzing sound patterns in larger numbers of recordings. Both tools can support and augment traditional close reading and close listening practices. We will invite you to share projects you hope to develop, for the classroom and/or for scholarly work.

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Right Managements of Your Rights Management Process — Feb 08, 2023 (Events)

Virtual Participation - University of Alberta - RSVP Link Below

In this session, the University of Alberta SpokenWeb digital rights team will guide you through this complex process and break it down into a few, easier-to-manage steps in order to make your rights management process a success.

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Listening Practice Guided by Katherine McLeod – Gwendolyn MacEwen on Vinyl — Oct 19, 2022 (Events)

Montreal - Concordia - FB S113

SpokenWeb Listening Practices return to an in-person format! As collective listenings, Listening Practices encourage listeners to reflect upon how they are listening. Join us to listen to a Gwendolyn MacEwen vinyl recording in this Listening Practice held in Dr. McLeod’s Contemporary Canadian Poetry class. All are welcome.

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Walking and Listening (Together and Apart): Collective Soundwalking from a Distance – A Workshop with Angus Tarnawsky (online) — Oct 07, 2022 (Events)

Virtual Participation (Hosted from Regina, SK) - Concordia University - Great Lakes Association of Sound Studies Conference in Regina, SK

Join Angus Tarnawsky for an online presentation about virtual soundwalking at the Great Lakes Association of Sound Studies Conference.

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RESCHEDULED: SpokenWeb Digital Anthology Meeting — Oct 06, 2022 (Events)

Virtual Participation - University of Texas at Austin - Zoom Link Below

Join us via Zoom on October 6, 2022 at 9:00 AM Central Time to discuss the collection that you research and to begin considering how digital annotation might shape the preservation, teaching, and argumentation about unique events in recorded literary history. 

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