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Deep Listening®: extreme slow walk and the sonic art of breath: Pauline Oliveros text scores with Anne Bourne — Sep 29, 2021 (Events)

Virtual Participation - Concordia University

An extreme slow walk through the sound field where you live; the stimulation of the neurobiology of listening through Taoist Qi Gong practice and meridians; humming intimately the resonance of the body; a microtonal palette of vowels for slow breath song; a memory of sounds from footprints on a landscape.

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Retrospective Resonance on Listen Deep: Poetry, Sound and Multitudinous Remix (Post)


Two years ago today, Klara du Plessis and Deanna Fong participated in the event Listen Deep: Poetry, Sound and Multitudinous Remix, curated by Margaret Christakos and hosted at the University of Toronto on 8 March 2019. What follows is a brief description of the event’s activities, and then a transcription of a conversation that they had shortly after the event.

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Deep Listening Workshop with Anne Bourne — Nov 08, 2019 (Events)

Montreal, QC - Concordia University - LB-1042-03, 1400 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.

In this participatory workshop, instructor Anne Bourne will lead participants through a series of collective sound exercises that focus on vocalization and listening in equal measure. Following Pauline Oliveros’s practice of “deep listening” and event-based sound scores, Bourne will lead participants through a series of verbal and non-verbal explorations that interrogate intersubjective communication, sounded space, […]

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