Building (Digital) Humanities Communities around Sound Archives: The Story of SpokenWeb

Ottawa - University of Ottawa - CreatorSpace (room 302 of Pérez Hall)

Date: May 16, 2019 – 1pm
Location: University of Ottawa
Venue: CreatorSpace (room 302 of Pérez Hall)

Dr. Jason Camlot will be giving a keynote presentation at The Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2019 at the University of Ottawa.

In this plenary session, Dr. Camlot will discuss the great potential for humanities research of conceptualizing collaborative projects around unique yet largely unused collections of cultural heritage materials. Speaking from the experience of developing the SpokenWeb research program from small beta collaborations via SSHRC Research Development Initiative, Connections and Insight Grant support, into a large-scale national research partnership (now funded by a SSHRC Partnership Grant), Dr. Camlot will consider the reasons why collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches to humanities research that mix live and digital methods can be useful for reflecting upon how institutional structures and material infrastructures shape research in the humanities , and will explain some of the adaptable rationales and approaches that have been used in the course of developing the SpokenWeb research program. Beyond focusing on the whys and hows of such an approach to research development, Camlot will also present different ways in which such collaboration can help us integrate archival materials into new forms of pedagogy, creation and “knowledge mobilization”.

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