Call for Research Creation Proposals — Sep 20, 2019


SpokenWeb is inviting Concordia students to submit a proposal for a research creation project to be presented at Performing Technology on November 14, 2019. 

Presented by SpokenWeb, Performing Technology will be a two-part event with performances and a panel discussion. It will be an investigation into the electroacoustic tools and methods that poets and sound-artists use to manipulate and create sound poetry and sound art. 

The successful student(s) will receive a $500 student award (claimed upon presentation of their work) and will be expected to perform and present their project (5-10 min) on Thursday November 14th, time 4-6 pm. The candidate must be available for the entire length of the event. 

Proposals for a sound-based performance may respond to one or more of these topics:

·        What does “smart” technology sound like for sound artists?

·        Connections among data, sound, and the city

·        The visualization of sound

·        Sound and technology

·        Nonverbal sounds

·        Technology as composition

·        Hearing and listening

·        Mashups and remixes of sound/poetry/technology

·        Media and sound composition

·        City as soundscape

Proposal Format and Deadline

The created piece must be new work (not previously exhibited or performed), but it may build on the candidates’ existing artistic practice. If interested, please submit by Friday September 20, 2019 by email to Dr. Katherine McLeod at katherine.mcleod@concordia.ca

1. 250-word proposal

2. Link to your artistic portfolio

Your 250-word proposal should include the following elements:

1.     Your name, a written declaration that you are a current Concordia student and your contact information.

2.     A brief description of the proposed piece to perform (5-10 minutes at length) and the research questions that it explores about sound and technology

3.     2-3 examples of possible visual materials that could be displayed as part of this multi-sensory and immersive sonic experience in Concordia’s 4th Space, a media-driven and spatially flexible space. We invite candidates to explore the space: https://www.concordia.ca/about/next-generation/4th-space.html in order to contextualize their examples.

4.     A rationale on how this new work potentially builds upon (or departs from) your exciting artistic practice. 

5.     A description of the technical support your project will require, including any specialized equipment and steps of how you will coordinate access to that equipment. 

Much like developing their own research paper for a conference, this project requires students to be the agent of their artistic and research creation practice and work independently on producing the output. We plan to notify selected students by the end of September whether their proposal has been selected.  For any questions or clarifications, please contact Dr. Katherine McLeod at katherine.mcleod@concordia.ca

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