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Listening Practice Guided by Rodrigo Velasco – Listening to Student Activism in Mexico City — Oct 02, 2019 (Events)

Montreal, QC - Concordia University - Richler Library, LB 655

A weekly session for exploring and experimenting with different modes of listening. Each week our practice will be guided by an expert from SpokenWeb. What is listening? What are we listening for when we are listening? What are listening techniques for different disciplines? Join us, once or weekly, for Listening Practice. All are welcome!

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Spoken Code — Sep 27, 2019 (Events)

Montreal, QC - Concordia University - Visualization Studio, Webster Library, LB-314.00

An evening of improvised audiovisual live coding; where algorithms unfold, in the form of a process, in time and over time, and depends on its past inputs. This event approaches code as thought and through this movement, it seeks to create emerging and ephemeral audiovisual relations that unfold in the interplay of code, voice, and […]

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