Sound Designer, The SpokenWeb Podcast – RA Position — Jul 13, 2023


Posted: June 29, 2023

Deadline: July 13, 2023


Position Context

SpokenWeb – a SSHRC funded Partnership Grant, Principal Investigator Jason Camlot – is seeking one undergraduate or graduate student to support the production of The SpokenWeb Podcast. The podcast is released monthly and showcases methods of audio-based research and/or archival literary recordings held by SpokenWeb-affiliated universities and communities across Canada. Episodes are snapshots of literary history and contemporary responses to it, including interviews, panel discussions, lectures, readings, audio essays, and other relevant sound-based forms. The podcast helps to share research discoveries about archival spoken word collections, events, and other topics concerning sound, literature and culture relevant to the SpokenWeb research network, expanding our understanding of the relationship between the fields of literary studies and sound studies. Learn more about The SpokenWeb Podcast and listen to past episodes here, https://spokenweb.ca/podcast/spokenweb-podcast/.

The SpokenWeb Podcast works in tandem with the SpokenWeb Research Network which is a research project that aims to develop and connect collections of recorded literary performances from across our international network, engaging with a broad spectrum of inquiries from pedagogy to audio signal analysis. You can find out more about SpokenWeb at its website: https://spokenweb.ca.


Who we are looking for

We are looking for a sound designer who is eager to collaborate with producers to bring their scholarly podcast episodes to life via audio. The ideal candidate will be interested in leading the mixing and mastering of podcast episodes and exploring what a scholarly podcast can sound like, while bringing fresh ideas to the table regarding sound design and sonic experimentation. They will also have a careful ear for the creation and/or implementation of sound effects, music, voiceover and vocal effects in order to strengthen the thematic weight of each episode. 

A strong understanding of sound in relation to narrative structure is an asset, as well as the ability to compose unique musical arrangements for episodes and an overall enthusiasm for working across disciplines. The podcast focuses on literary and archival topics but the approach to sound design and mixing is creative, and applicants from all disciplines are welcome to apply.

The work will be well suited to someone who feels comfortable working by themselves, but also enjoys connecting and collaborating virtually with a diverse cohort of academics, librarians, web developers, designers, artists, other students, and members of literary communities. Along with joining the wider community of SpokenWeb, you’ll be part of a podcast team that meets regularly online (for meetings that are fun!).

This position will be supervised by Jason Camlot (English, Concordia), Katherine McLeod (English, Concordia), and/or Aphrodite Salas (Journalism, Concordia) in coordination with Hannah McGregor (Publishing, SFU) and with Kate Moffatt (PhD student in English, SFU) as Project Manager and Supervising Producer of The SpokenWeb Podcast.


Description of Job Duties

The position would include a range of the following duties alongside and in collaboration with the supervising producer: 

  • Review and respond to episode pitches 
  • Consult with episode producers to assist them in their sound design where necessary, make suggestions for effects and music, and lead in mixing and mastering of episodes
  • Review and respond to episode drafts 
  • Follow and ensure a smooth production schedule in which goals for feedback are met in a timely and professional fashion
  • Coordinate creator meet-up sessions (monthly) for episode producers

In addition to this, the Sound Designer would be solely responsible for the following:

  • Lead and collaborate on the mixing and mastering of episodes
  • Review final episodes and complete final mixing/sound engineering of the full podcast episode 
  • Assist with the final mixing of minisodes (ShortCuts)
  • Regular meetings with the supervising producer, along with communication with the lead of the Podcast Task Force
  • Organize workshops or consultations on sound design and explore outreach and new connections for the podcast 


Technical Skills / Sound Design Skills

The ideal candidate will have experience working on collaborative projects, ideally some teaching experience (eg. running workshops or TA work), experience in producing audio on a personal or professional level, understanding the workflow of podcast production, and, most importantly, expertise in at least one professional DAW as well as a willingness to get familiar with Hindenburg. 


Salary & Eligibility

The position is open to any Concordia University undergraduate or graduate student in good standing. Rate to be determined by the Collective Agreement for 6 hours per week. The initial contract will run from the date of hire to August 1, 2023 with the possibility of renewal.





How to Apply

Send a statement of interest, including information about relevant experience, and a resume or CV to: Ben Hynes, SpokenWeb Project Manager, at ben.hynes@concordia.ca and please use the following subject line: APPLICATION – THE SPOKENWEB PODCAST


DEADLINE to apply: Thursday July 13, 2023


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