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The Power of Listening to Voices: An Interview with Nina Sun Eidsheim (Post)


On Thursday, May 20th, 130-3pm EDT, Nina Sun Eidsheim will deliver a keynote address as part of the 2021 Listening, Sound, Agency symposium. Titled “Re-writing Algorithms for Just Recognition: From Digital Aural Redlining to Accent Activism,” she will argue that “voice- and listening technologies carry and reproduce the same social bias, discrimination, and racism […] as Kodak film and HP cameras [which] were calibrated for white skin colour.” Elaborating on this important research, Nina generously answered some questions about her current projects and interests, providing poignant backstory to her keynote, and inviting all readers to events at her UCLA PEER Lab in the next weeks and months.

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The Listener and the Machine, an interview with Mara Mills and Jonathan Sterne (Post)


Read and listen to Mara Mills and Jonathan Sterne, in conversation with Mathieu Aubin and Katherine McLeod, discussing their recent publication, “Aural Speed-Reading: Some Historical Bookmarks,” PMLA 135.2 (2020). Mara Mills and Jonathan Sterne are plenary speakers at the SpokenWeb symposium, Listening, Sound, Agency (May 18-23, 2021).

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