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Sounding New Sonic Approaches — Feb 12, 2024 (Events)

Montreal, QC - Concordia University - 4th Space / Online


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Aphasic Poetry: Making sense of it with Katharina Fuerholzer (Post)


It seems appropriate that Dr. Katharina Fuerholzer would recommend the soundtrack to the hit series ‘The End of the F***ing World’, considering the state of the world, but more too, her work on aphasic poetry in Harryette Mullen’s ‘Sleeping with the Dictionary’. The songs are fitting— romantic and unnerving— in the way that Mullen’s dictionary— “In the dark night’s insomnia, the book is a stimulating sedative, awakening my tired imagination to the hypnagogic trance of language”—is. Listen to the soundtrack while you read the following interview (and, let it spill into your other work), where I talk to Katharina about aphasic poetry, interdisciplinarity, and the femme aphasique. Here, we consider aphasia’s varied metaphoric, medicinal, and literary meanings.

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