New Member added to the Governing Board


Governing Board (consisting of Jason Camlot, Deanna Fong, Mike O’Driscoll, Michelle Levy, Tanya Clement, Ian Ferrier, and Annie Murray who are representatives from each SpokenWeb Knowledge Area) grew in numbers.

During the extraordinary Governing Board Meeting that took place on October 10th, members have voted unanimously that Pedagogy will be an additional Knowledge Area (which includes SW pedagogy activities and modules development, student training and student-driven knowledge mobilization activities) that warrants representation on the Governing Board.

The first nominee for this category is Karis Shearer of UBCO. Karis Shearer has the required expertise, as is evident from her research on literary pedagogy, and her contributions in this area to the SpokenWeb programme, thus far. Secondly, Karis Shearer has been extremely active in SpokenWeb planning activities for the past two years. She has been active in seeking (and attaining) pedagogy-themed grants that could be leveraged as matching contributions towards the SpokenWeb PG grant.

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