Hidden Collection Discovered


This is a story of the importance of an excellent inter-team collaboration, good relationship building, solid research practices and intellectual curiosity. Samuel Mercier is a Concordia-based researcher who joined the SpokenWeb project in August 2018. He has secured a “hidden” collection, which we are tentatively calling the Alan Lord Collection. Sam met with Ian Ferrier in […]

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New Member added to the Governing Board


Governing Board (consisting of Jason Camlot, Deanna Fong, Mike O’Driscoll, Michelle Levy, Tanya Clement, Ian Ferrier, and Annie Murray who are representatives from each SpokenWeb Knowledge Area) grew in numbers. During the extraordinary Governing Board Meeting that took place on October 10th, members have voted unanimously that Pedagogy will be an additional Knowledge Area (which […]

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SpokenWeb and Kodama Cartonera


Kodama Cartonera is a Mexican independent publishing collective using easy to learn bookbinding techniques and recycled materials (mainly cardboard) to make eco-friendly books. Its catalog comprises more than 30 different titles, mostly in Spanish but also in English, French, Portuguese, Japanese, as well as translations among these languages. While its editorial line mostly focuses on […]

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SpokenWeb Concordia Has Launched Ghost Reading Series


SpokenWeb Concordia presents a reading series composed of re-playing entire recordings from the Sir George Williams Poetry Series. Readings will be held on the same day that they took place, years ago, at Concordia (then SGW University). Join us to listen, reflect, write, and respond to this experience of hearing, again, the mediated voice. The term […]

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